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  • 'DNA' of Tirapy

    The TIRAPY system consists of Wudang martial art, engineered with medical concepts in mind, using basic and simple techniques from Chinese medicine to balance our hormones and neutralize our emotions.

  • Tirapy is a Therapy

    TIRAPY has strong health benefits in Mental Health (mental relaxation), Skeletal Calibration (pain relief) and Metabolic optimisation (medic-fit).

  • Daily Duration

    It only takes 7 minutes everyday using these TIRAPY therapeutic motions to begin controlling heart rate and emotional balance by neurotransmission stimulation on acupressure pathways.

  • Techniques 

    Follows the basic 4+2+1, a total of 7 techniques training pattern will get you a healthy anti-aging purpose. You can also go on a more advance level for physical fitness improvement.

TIRABALL is invented for your take-home TIRAPY

The concept of TIRABALL exercise is based on neuro-endocrine therapy and spiral momentum. Using TIRAPY techniques with TIRABALL through our online or offline training course.

The Immediate Health Benefit:

- Enhance circulation

- Deep muscle training

- Spiral movement training

- Skeletal calibration

- Dynamic meditation

Small Ball

Huge Benefits

  • 1. Rhythmic spiral movement simulates Qigong Therapy in Chinese Medicine

    While you are controlling the inner metal balls spinning at different orbits and speed, your body muscles ranging from your arms, back and leg are rotating in harmony in Qigong exercising patterns. 

  • 2. Effectively stimulate your body metabolism, lymphatic and nervous system

    The core element of TIRAPY is Tai Chi and Qigong. We all know that Tai Chi and Qigong has significant health benefits which current evidence has shown. Here is a reference from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Health Publication in May 2009 talking about the benefits of Tai Chi. 

  • 3. The best exercising tool that you can play anytime anywhere

    Tiraball is the lightest and most portable exercising tool for your exercise at home, office or grassland. Without much sweat and pain, but with significant medical therapy and fat burning effects.

  • 4. One ball, multiple playing tricks to simulate a variety of therapy for your body health

    Titan has been developing in-depth tutorial videos for you to watch and practice at home. The tutorials include the tricks of playing Tiraball to combat diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure and even muscle trainings, weight losing etc. 

Our Global

Clinical Results



Less Fluctuations in Blood Sugar level in 2 weeks

With regular practice on Tiraball, diabetes patients can experience a more stable blood glucose level from the benefits gained by Qigong spiral momentum exercises during spinning.


#Parkinson's Disease

Improved muscles control for Parkinson's patients in 4 weeks

Patients in Parkinson UK witnessed their own incredible improvement after a routine exercises coached by Titan. Famous testimonial is on British Lawyer - Colin Wells. Check out more here.


#Fat Burning

Weight Loss starts in 1 week

With the intense spinning on Tiraball for minutes, players can experience a vigorous level of energy consumption which is similar to a 30-min walk  or 50-round of sit-up. 

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