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Start regaining your health control?



Get a TIRABALL today. TIRABALL is designed for your regular, effective and aerobic exercise. By spinning the rigid metal balls, you feel the energy flow from your body to the spinning balls. The frequency, level of orbits of spinning balls are all manipulated by your work done. Try it out by yourself!

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2. Watch Tutorials

In order to unleash and experience the full potential of TIRABALL, Master Titan Lam, the inventor of TIRABALL, has been producing a series of Tutorial videos with different goals, ranging from Burning Fat, Combating Chronic Pain, Alleviating Parkinson Disease etc. Check out Titan's Channel now!

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3. Practice Regularly

Every exercise requires persistence. Practising the Therapies or Skills taught by Titan everyday, you would soon feel the effects of it on our body and health, from subtle to manifest. Do not give up too soon and we would like to see your stories. Join our community today and share your feelings. 

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