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Your daily 3-min Exercise Enabler to boost your immunity

Founder of Tiraball

Titan Lam

  • Inventor of Tiraball
  • Founder of Tirapy
  • Tai Chi Martial Arts Doctor
  • 16th generation of Wu Dang Group
  • Lecturer in Medicine school of Kobe University

TIRABALL is invented for

your take-home TIRAPY

The Most Effective Exercise Therapy

Tirapy is founed by Master Titan Lam in Ipswich, United Kingdom. Tirapy is a therapy, consists of Wudang martial art, engineered with medical concepts, using basic and simple techniques from Chinese medicine to balance our hormones and neutralize our emotions.

Tiraball Patented Design

Exclusive Patented Design: 150 stainless steel balls inside, allow players to spin it with certain resonance frequency to stimulate optimized Chi exercise. 30 seconds each, and 3 minutes in total with Tiraball equal to a 30-min aeroboic exercise.

Energy Feedback to body (Reaction)

Energy gained by steel balls

(Orbiting around)

Rhythmic Body Movement (Action)

DSC06639 compressed.jpg
Spinning Tiraball can stimulate your body
Tirapy_blue person_Theroy copy.png

12 Main Meridian Channels

Mental Health
Boost Metabolism
Muscular Calibration
(Alleviate the pain)
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Training Tutorials

  • After buying our ball, you can access to a bundle of training videos by Titan Lam for your regular practices, targeting specific chronic diseases or pains.
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User Feedbacks

  • Small Ball, Big Impact
  • Vigorous training but effective in improving body conditions
  • A ball that changes their daily life

Promotion Video

  • Explaining how this ball can help you lead a better health in regular exercise routines.